kulula travelbank

welcome to travelbank

No mess, no fuss, this is where we deposit credit for you to fly. You can pay / part pay using travelbank for any flight, any time, for anyone. Whether its kulula credit card kulula moolah, an eVoucher or gift card, service compensation or a BizDeal deposit, this is your private flight account.

To book and pay using travelbank, simply log into 'my kulula ID' and make a booking for either a British Airways or kulula.com flight.

If you already have a travelbank account associated to your kulula ID and you've forgotten your kulula ID give us a call on 0861 KULULA (585852).

jetsetters and travelbank

jetsetters can burn their kulula moolah using travelbank and when you shop with a kulula credit card you'll earn more kulula moolah to burn on flights and taxes. If you have an eVoucher or gift card that you wish to redeem, you'll need to create a kulula ID and give the Contact Centre a call to redeem the voucher and credit travelbank.

travelbank cannot be used towards any extras, and can only be combined with credit card payments. Only kulula.com can set the travelbank account up and it cannot be done online.

For more on travelbank please call us on 0861 KULULA (585852) or visit our FAQ page.